Gold Coast Airport to Byron Bay Express Bus Service

Regular EXPRESS shuttle bus transfer service between Gold Coast (Coolangatta) Airport and Byron Bay.

Fast. Efficient. Affordable. Get on board!

Byron Bay Express Timetable

 If you are planning to travel between October - April (summer), please note that we operate across two different states and two different time zones. During DAYLIGHT SAVINGS, there is a one hour time difference between QLD & NSW.

- DAYLIGHT SAVINGS runs from October 06, 2024 to April 05, 2025
- Surfers Paradise and the Gold Coast / Coolangatta Airport (OOL) are in Queensland (QLD)
- Byron Bay is in New South Wales (NSW). All times are displayed in local state times.  

daily Timetable







(7 April 2024 - 5 Oct 2024)

(6 Oct 2024 - 5 April 2025)


9:00am (QLD)

9:50am (NSW)

10:50am (NSW)

9:30am (QLD)

10:10am (QLD)

11:00am (NSW)

12:00pm (NSW)

12:00pm (QLD)

12:45pm (QLD)

1:35pm (NSW)

2:35pm (NSW)

2:00pm (QLD)

2:40pm (QLD)

3:30pm (NSW)

4:30pm (NSW)


Byron Bay (NSW Time)


Gold Coast Airport (QLD Time)


Surfers Paradise (QLD Time)

(7 April 2024 - 5 Oct 2024)

(6 Oct 2024 -
5 Apr 2025)

10:00am (NSW)

11:00am (NSW)

10:50am (QLD)

11:30am (QLD)

11:30am (NSW)

12:30pm (NSW)

12:20pm (QLD)

1:00pm (QLD)

2:00pm (NSW)

3:00pm (NSW)

2:50pm (QLD)


4:00pm (NSW)

5:00pm (NSW)

4:50pm (QLD)

5:30pm (QLD)

Winter *EST: Eastern Standard Time (7 April 2024 - 5 October 2024)
Summer *DST: Daylight Standard Time (NSW only: 6 Oct 2024 - 5 April 2025) 

All bookings can be made directly through our website. For last minute bookings (within 15 minutes before departure time), please call our office on 0418 364 364 to book over the phone. 

Are you flying into the Gold Coast Airport?

We can all relate to that feeling after disembarking a flight and hoping any onward trip to our ultimate destination is fast and hassle-free. Whether you’re a local arriving home from a trip, or you’ve just arrived to start your holiday, Byron Bay Express is committed to ensuring your trip is bookended by the most pleasant transfer experience possible … and all at the most affordable price!

A number of transport options exist between Gold Coast Airport and the beating heart of Byron Bay. However, travelers won’t find a more dependable service than Byron Bay Express. Our mission is to get you there quickly and safely, by using state-of-the-art buses designed for comfort, and by taking the most time-efficient routes.

Gold Coast Airport to Byron Bay

Shuttle from Gold Coast Airport to Byron Bay

The international Gold Coast Airport is located in the city’s south, and is just under 100km from Brisbane CBD. The airport entrance can be found in the suburb of Bilinga, near Coolangatta. The drive between the airport and Byron Bay typically takes around 50 minutes.

Coolangatta Airport Info

Gold Coast Airport

Bus from Gold Coast Airport to Byron Bay

Transfer Gold Coast Airport To Byron Bay

The airport’s Coach Transit Centre is situated at the Northern end of the small terminal building. It is well-signposted and easy-to-find. One of our friendly drivers will greet you, help you on-board, and have you en-route to your final destination in no time!

View Airport Map

Once in Byron Bay you’ll disembark at the Byron Bay Bus Interchange on Butler Street. This drop-off location was chosen especially, as a convenient spot at the very centre of town, close to all the Byron Bay landmarks and amenities.  We can also drop off and pick up at the Shirley Street Bus Shelter located on the corner of Shirley and Milton Streets.

View Byron Bay Pickup Location

How do I book?

Online booking has never been easier! Log onto our website and select the time that best suits you from the Gold Coast Airport to Byron Bay timetable. Check availability in real-time, before following the prompts and booking your preferred seat. And remember, when booking your timings always be mindful of the 50-minutes travel time between the pick-up and drop-off points!

We’re often asked whether passengers can turn up without a booking and still be accommodated. While we will always do our best to make sure you are given the next available seat, we do highly recommend that you make an advanced booking to avoid a longer wait at the airport than expected.

What happens next?

Once you have disembarked your flight, cleared customs (if you’ve flown from overseas) and grabbed your bags, make your way to the designated pick-up point at the airport’s Coach Transit Centre. Our drivers are helpful and approachable, and possess an enviable level of local knowledge. So, if you have any questions about Byron Bay – ideas for day trips, walks with great views, or the best restaurants in town – now is the ideal time to ask a local expert!

Fast. Efficient. Affordable. Get on Board!

Catching a bus from Byron Bay to Gold Coast Airport?

If affordability, reliability, speed, comfort, and safety are important factors when deciding on your transport, you won’t find anyone better than Byron Bay Express. Of course, other ways to make the trip between the heart of Byron Bay and Gold Coast Airport do exist, but none are as convenient as our service, which thousands of happy travellers every year tell us has started and ended their trip the right way.

Byron Bay to Gold Coast Airport

Travelling from Byron Bay to Gold Coast Airport or visa versa? Why a shuttle bus service is your best option!

Other express bus services make more frequent stops, adding to the length of the journey.

Ubers and taxis work out to be considerably more expensive.

Even driving yourself will end up incurring a costly airport parking fee!

From the many ways you can choose to travel between Byron Bay and Gold Coast Airport, no other solution offers the same golden combination as Byron Bay Express when it comes to getting you there quickly, on-time, safely and affordably.

Our Service

We are proud to be an Australian-owned family business. For more than 20 years we have transported countless passengers between the majestic and unique Byron Bay, and its closest airport.

Operated by a group of highly-experienced, knowledgeable and approachable drivers, we enjoy nothing more than having an opportunity to talk to passengers about the local area, attractions and amenities. After all, there’s nothing like being able to rely on a bit of local knowledge when exploring a new place!

We operate 364 days of the year (every day except Christmas Day), and charters are available on request.

Your safety and comfort are the main priorities of everybody at Byron Bay Express, alongside a reliable service that will get you where you need to be, on time. We’re here to take the hassle out of your journey to and from the airport. We want to make sure your trip gets off to the best start, and ends in a comfortable and stress-free way.

Our timetables are planned around arriving and departing flights, with the number of departures varying depending on the season. For instance, we always make sure to schedule additional services during peak periods including school holidays, the Byron Bay Blues Festival, and more.

Byron Bay Pick Up

Byron Bay to Gold Coast Airport Pick up and Drop off locations

In Byron Bay we’ll pick you up at the Byron Bay Bus Interchange on Butler Street.  It’s an easy location to find at the very heart of town.  We can also pick up and drop off at the Shirley Street bus shelter located on the corner of Milton and Shirley streets.

View Byron Bay Pickup Location

Once at the airport we’ll drop you off at the Coach Transit Centre, which is conveniently situated at the Northern end of the small terminal building.

View Airport Map

About Our Buses

At any one time we have three modern, fully air-conditioned buses in operation along the Gold Coast Airport to Byron Bay route.

Our people know everything there is to know about buses, and what makes for a safe and comfortable trip. We subscribe to the belief that our Toyota Coaster and Toyota HiAce models offer passengers the ultimate shuttle bus experience.

With plenty of space, large seats, a generous amount of legroom, and high roofs, you can be confident of enjoying a comfortable drive, even when the vehicle is at full capacity and loaded up with luggage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hidden Field First
How safe is it to travel right now?

All drivers are required to have completed an industry COVID-19 hygiene course, while the vehicles themselves are meticulously and thoroughly cleaned and sanitised in accordance with all official government guidelines. Hand sanitizer is also made available to all passengers.

As the situation with COVID-19 continues to evolve we remain in constant communication with the relevant local authorities to ensure our service is continually delivered in a COVID-safe way.

Do your buses have seat belts?

Absolutely. At Byron Bay Express we take the safety and comfort of our passengers and drivers incredibly seriously. That’s why every one of our shuttle buses is fitted with seat belts.

What can you bring on the bus?

Our buses are spacious and comfortable, with plenty of room for even larger items of luggage, including oversized objects like bikes and surfboards. And the best news? While lots of other shuttle services charge extra for items they consider to be ‘excess baggage’, we take a different approach. Basically, our motto is ‘if it fits, load it on!’

When asked whether there are any items passengers are prohibited from bringing on board, the short answer is no. We don’t place any restrictions on the items our passengers can bring onto the bus with them, with the exception of pets and alcohol.

Having said that, please let us know in advance if you intend to bring more than two items of luggage larger than a standard suitcase or backpack, more than one surfboard, or any surfboard measuring longer than eight feet.

What is the capacity of your buses?

We operate two different types of bus. Our larger vehicles have capacity to comfortably seat 20 passengers, while our smaller buses are designed to accommodate no more than 13.

Where do I meet the bus at the airport?

We’ve picked a convent and easily recognisable pick-up location in the airport’s Coach Transit Centre. Well sign-posted and located at the northern end of the small terminal building, you can’t miss it! For those who prefer to be as prepared as possible, you can view, download or print a map of the area, by clicking here.

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What happens if I miss my flight or my flight is delayed?

To avoid putting yourself under unnecessary pressure, when booking your flights and shuttle bus, please make sure you leave ample time to disembark the plane, claim your luggage from the carousel, and find your way to the designated airport pick-up point. A 15 to 20-minute window probably isn’t going to be enough.

However, we totally understand that circumstances can arise which are completely outside of your control. If you do miss your pick-up time with us, we’ll make sure to find you a spot on the next service with availability. By the same token, when travelling from Byron Bay to the airport it’s equally as wise to build plenty of buffer time into your journey so that you can comfortably get through check-in and security, even in the event there are unexpected queues.

I’m coming to Byron Bay to surf. Will you charge me extra for transporting my surf board?

We are one of the few transport options in the area that will not charge an additional fee for larger items of baggage, surf boards included! So we’ll have you out riding those waves in no time, happy in the knowledge that bringing your trusty surfboard won’t have cost you a penny extra!

However, if you plan on bringing more than one surfboard, or any surfboard measuring longer than eight feet, please make sure to let us know in advance.

How long does the shuttle bus take from Byron Bay to the airport?

With Byron Bay Express, we’ll transport you from the heart of Byron Bay to the airport in around 50 minutes, traffic depending.

Fast. Efficient. Affordable. Get on Board!